From Henry Hyde's collection
"One of the companies of Regiment von Eintopf up close. These are, of course, the classic marching musketeers (A1) made famous on the cover of Charles Grant's The War Game back in 1971.
    These were all painted using Games Workshop acrylics. Because these are actually old plastic castings, I had a devil of a job trimming off all the flash — the new metal castings are an absolute joy in comparison. After an initial coat of diluted PVA, I then started with a Chaos Black undercoat, the first of a three-stage process. I used Codex Grey for the mid-tone, leaving tiny areas of the black showing as shadow, then Skull White in thin washes to arrive at the final coat colour.
    The faces and hands were built up in the same way, using an overall wash of Dark Flesh, followed by Dwarf Flesh leaving the eyes and mouth dark, and finally Elf Flesh on the forehead, cheeks, jawline and ridge of the nose. I was really pleased with the result — at normal viewing distance, they really look like they have faces.
    The red was done similarly, using Scab Red followed by Blood Red. Hats and gaiters, with a facing colour garter, then muskets completed the men who were then treated to a mass splosh of Goblin Green for the bases. The very final stage was a double coat of varnish, gloss for durability, then a couple of coats of GW matt varnish for a more modern look.
    For the game, all figures were left singly-based, though we're currently looking at alternatives. Top of the list are the wonderful ultra-thin plywood bases from Litko."

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