From Henry Hyde's collection
"An army on the march. Lots of the original plastic 30mm Spencer Smith models, now cast in metal, moving past a fortress from Starfort Models with some Hovels buildings. You can see marching infantry (A1), hussars (AA3), dragoon troopers (AA1), drummers (A7), officers walking (A5) which I also use as my standard bearers, artillerymen (AR1), and a field gun (AR3). Just coming into the shot bottom right are some lancers I converted from the charging staff officer figure (AA5).
     I made the flags myself, hand-painted onto aluminium foil and wrapped around a wire pole. The scenic backdrop was an experiment, printed out from my large printer and mounted on card. These will be available on the Battlegames website soon. Oh, and if you're wondering, the uniforms are fictitious — part of my Wars of the Faltenian Succession."

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